• SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING s.r.l. is an Italian company, internationally established, strong in technological development and research for innovation. Production is 100% in-house made, to ensure high-quality products and control.

    Thanks to Made in Italy we also stand out for the quality of our production, one of our strenghts.

  • SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING s.r.l. ispired from the demand of energy saving in all areas of life, create in 2012 a world patent for less energy consumption, called (G) SYSTEM. The system is certified in accordance to the CEE Blue Efficiency Standard.

    The technology developed by our R&D department allows our machinery to consume up to 50% less energy. We are also able to install the patent on other production lines.

    This patent can be also installed in other producers lines if the customer needs to benefit the energy saving in all of his lines.

  • Motivated by the demand of energy saving, we proudly created a patented system for less energy consumption.

  • SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING believes that customers of course needs a correctly working line but they also must be able to buy its line under the best and most convenience financial way.

    This is the reason why, through our banking partners, we provide our future customer the possibility to receive a financial program up to 5 years with an attractive interest rate.

  • SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING has a wide range of spare parts in the factory in Parma, special chosen based on the pre-installed lines and certificated by the high quality support we providing to our customers.

    It takes just a phone call or an email to dispatch in customer location on the same day.

  • SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING designs and builds lines and machines that can lasts for years.

    We offer the possibility to modernize and update any used lines, bringing them to a competitive level like equivalent new ones.

  • SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING can offer his customers the possibility to revamp lines or parts of lines. After many years of hard work many parts needs to be restore.

    Through a high level of expertise, our technicians of hydraulics, mechanics, electronics & electricians can dismantle and rebuild complete lines and individual components.

  • All our lines are C.E. marked and follow all European safety regulations. We can guarantee all safety regulations upgrading to existing lines.

  • Our lines and machines are equipped with remote control and telemetric assistance systems.

    By using standard dedicated data lines, we are able to offer a remarkable benefit in terms of reliability and continuous production availability, for the network connected systems.

  • Teleservice system and 24/7 hotline with our highly experienced engineering team provides our customers the certainty feeling that we are always “next” to them. 

  • We provide our customers the possibility of training on their location, demonstrating how to operate and maintain their line.

    Thanks to our 40+ years of experience and our expert technicians we can also respond to special requestes for lines made by other producers.

  • Spotti Sergio Coil Processing is internationally established thanks to the experience, seriousness and competence of its workers.

    We are ready to travel around the world giving our clients high-quality on-site assistance for any problem, maintenance or upgrade through our English-speaking qualified team. Our team’s main objective is to provide the customer with all the support they need at any time.

  • We offer the possibility to pre-training new customers’ operators on similar lines.

    The aim is to reach high productivity levels within the minimum possible time.

  • All our lines are special designed and build matching customer individual requirements.

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and magnetic.