SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING s.r.l is an Italian com­pany, 100% family own, established in 1975 and is being successfully led by the second-generation manufacturing coil processing equipment.

Using hi-tech CNC construction equipment and advanced electromechanical facilities have enabled us to achieve high quality standards in all of our producing components, thus ensuring outstanding results in our customer orders.

Our plant is located in San Polo di Torrile, in Parma, Italy on an area of 8.200 , of which 5.600 m² are covered and 450 m² offices. We are manufacturing all of our machines without any sub-construction influence.

In SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING s.r.l., quality and commitment to our values are the top priorities.

Our Vision

We care about our customer needs through understanding, analyzing, proposing and delivering them high-quality service, regardless the size of the company.

Our Mission

We provide to our customers the perfect equipment for their needs of today and tomorrow, always ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Our Values


Innovation is the key to improve the coil processing manufacturing; this is the reason why we are dedicated to keep up with the latest scientific and technological developments in the coil processing machines production.

The continuous training of our staff and the state-of-the-art machinery, rank us among the most innovative coil processing manufacturers.


In order to respect the different needs and fulfil the requests of our customers, at SPOTTI SERGIO COIL PROCESSING s.r.l we prioritize transparency issues and preserve mutual trust.

Responsibility & Consistency

Our actions are supported by the most specialized engineering & technical staff. Our goal is to guarantee rapid service and quick delivery time of our machines.

Parma University

We collaborate with the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Parma, to face together the market challenges and stimulate academic curiosity.

We are proud of these multidimensional collaborations that increase our technical capabilities and our knowledge.

Side by side with the University we work on collaborative research projects, framed in our strategic objectives regarding the technology, performance, reliability and safety of our machines.